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Israel Arise

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Journey of the Bride

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HaDerech L'Tzion

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the hope of all israel

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The Vision

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Choose Life

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Lenny and Varda's
CD, Cassette, and Songbook Collection


Sons of Abraham | Mizmor | Psalm 122 | Hear My Cry
Because I Love Zion | High and Lifed Up | Va'yikara Sh'mo
Secret of Your Presence | Sh'mah

Israel Arise

Re'ach Nicho'ach | Send Your Glory | Royal Priesthood | Hazak Hazak
In Those Days | Yah is Calling You | Show Him | Israel Arise
Rejoice O Israel | Medley of Praise

Journey of the Bride

Seven Feasts | Moadim | Rosh Chodesh | Ketubah
Journey of the Bride | The Betrothal | I Do | I am Yours
The Procession | Under the Chuppa

HaDerech L'Tzion
Isaiah 35:8-10

Sons of Zion | Stop the Sound of Babylon | The Sign of the Messiah
Yeshua is Coming Home | Holy Spirit Fire | One New Man | Open My Eyes
The Wilderness Song

The Hope of All Israel

Abba we thank you for choosing us to bring forth Your teaching in
music to inspire and uplift Your people

Hatikva | O Yerushalayim | Yah Is Great| The Holy One of Israel
The Two Branches
| Avinu is Calling | If My People | YHVH El Emet
Aliyah | The Hope of All Israel

The Vision
Habakkuk 1:5, 2:1-3

The Vision | Twelve Tribes of Israel | Malchut Shamayim
The Latter Rain | Rivers in the Desert | Eileh Had'varim
Yah is Calling | The Book of Life


Torah is Life
Yeshua is the Living Torah

Come Let's Praise | Blessed is the Name | Oh Yehudah and Ephraim
Torah Is Life | Hear Us | So Holy | I Choose Life | Ani Ha'Alef V'ha' Tav



The Father has engraved upon the hearts of Lenny and Varda the desire and the call to be a part of the "Restoration of the whole house of Israel." The culmination of this re-gathering will bring about the "Restoration of all things" and the return of the Messiah! (Acts 3:21)

Restoration | Israel The Days Are Coming | Are You Ready to Dance
You Are My Witnesses | There is Hope | Call to Ephraim | Ye-shu-a
The Word of Adonai

We Proclaim (Nikrah)

This collection will empower and strengthen you with its daring declaration and proclamations. The Father has gifted Lenny and Varda with an anointing to lead His people boldly into battles of Praise. when the banners of Praise are raised high, God gives the Victory!

We Proclaim | Hear O Israel | Will You Be Ready?
Dance | How I Long | Let Us Sing
Gadol Adonai | Abram's Blessing | It Is Shabbat | Shavuah Tov


Renah (A Joyful Shout)

Renaissance means to "be born anew." This music speaks of an Israel reborn and arrayed in fresh anointing. The birth of this unique sound marks the beginning of a renaissance of revival and restoration.

Welcome | Renah | Celebrate the Reunion | Blow the Shofar
Chuppa | Mashiach Ben-David | Awake My Bride
Rise Up | Israel Rejoice | Ephraim and Judah

Adonai Echad
(The Lord is One)

Brings forth a certain vintage of music. It is the Hebraic sound from the heart of God.

Ephraim and Judah | Sh'mah | Hava Nagila | Adonai Echad
And We Will Dance | Y'varechecha | Koomah Adonai
The Reunion | Yubah Bubah Boy


For booking and other information please contact Lenny and Varda at:
Adonai Echad Music Inc
P.O.Box 237352
Cocoa FL 32923

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